Sacred Dancing Gallery, Bigfork, MT and Sun Valley Contemporary, Ketchum, ID


welcomes you to our newly expanded website representing over fifty renowned contemporary and representational artists including Hamilton Aguiar, Michael Coleman, Tim Deibler, Robert Deurloo, Jean-Claude Gaugy, Tom Gilleon, Mark Yale Harris, Cary Henrie, Ed Klink, Luc Leestemaker, Marshall Noice, Jean Richardson, Brenna Tyler, Tal Walton, Nicholas Wilton and many more.

You may browse our current selection of 300 original paintings and sculpture by thumbnail images or by individual artists, each of which has an exciting biography. If a painting or sculpture arouses your interest, please let us know by emailing us from our Contact Tab or giving us a call. If you cannot personally visit us, we offer a free 7 day trial service for a piece you may wish to acquire. SACRED DANCING GALLERY also hosts a series of Artists exhibitions and Art Walks throughout the year. You may find this schedule on our Exhibitions tab.

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